Commercial Projects

Design is who we are and what we do.

Our talented team goes above and beyond with every commercial project, transforming your vision into an unforgettable space. We are a creative center that provides the finishing touch you need to complete your look and match your brand. Talk to our Design Team today and bring your dream project to life.

Restaurants & Pubs

  • Draw in more customers to your patio by turning it into a natural oasis.
  • Well-placed planters can help create privacy and comfort for those moonlit dinners.
  • Adding colorful floral will bring in diners who are looking for a warm and welcoming environment to enjoy. 

Hotels & Spas

  • Nature-based design themes decrease stress and increase a sense of well-being. 
  • Add the aesthetic of greenery without the added maintenance and costs of live plants. 
  • Artificial plants & trees can effortlessly transform a space and create a spa-like state of mind.

Malls & Public Spaces

  • Artificial plants, flowers, and arrangements can help bring positivity to your space!
  • Large amounts of greenery improve visual values and create an atmosphere the public can enjoy.
  • Greet customers and clients the right way with lush indoor and outdoor plants & trees.
  • Make a wonderful impression on everyone by enhancing your business environment. 

Car Dealerships

  • Give the impression that your company is trustworthy, warm, and welcoming with the presence of greenery.
  • Complete the customer experience with stunning interior plants, trees, and floral. 
  • Enjoy a modern atmosphere and natural landscape without the hassle or cost of live plants. 

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