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About Us

Silk Plant Warehouse is a unique space stocked with high-end artificial plants, trees and floral arrangements. Whether you are a designer by profession or a home taught decor master we have everything from the beginning base to the finishing touches. Need a bit of inspiration? We have onsite designers available and ready to help you make the most of your experience at Silk Plant Warehouse. Visit our store today to see why people are choosing Silk Plant Warehouse.

Benefits of Artificial Plants
  • Maintenance Free
  • Green All Year
  • No Watering Necessary
  • Outdoor Rated Collection


Outdoor - Silk Plant Warehouse


Silk Plant Warehouses best selling products! Our artificial cedar and boxwood trees come in all sizes and shapes. We can even build a custom design for you with one of our trees included in the piece. Perfect for outdoor patios, landscaping designs and in front of your garage.

Trees and Plants - Silk Plant Warehouse


With the many types of silk trees we have available you can find the perfect one for your style. Tall, short, full or airy. What do you need? Come find your perfect piece. Our indoor trees will help keep your room feeling complete.

Home Decor - Silk Plant Warehouse


Finishing touches! You can't complete a space without s few simple objects to tie it all together. Luckily for you Silk Plant Warehouse carries it all. Choose a large traditional clock for that missing wall space. Grab some modern bookends for that modern living room you just completed.

Trees and Plants - Silk Plant Warehouse


It's a win win! Liven up your space and still keep the maintenance free aspect of not having real plants. The vibrant color of green fits in all spaces. Add some color or keep it simple. Almost everything in the store can be modified! Artificial plants will keep your home feeling cozy and fresh.


Creating color pops with our outrageous selection of beautiful art and wall hangings is easy. Simply come and choose which piece catches your eye. Don't miss out on the largest art selections in Calgary.

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