Trees & Plants

Walking into a jungle feels sort of like our tree department. With large artificial trees towering over you. Too big? We have perfectly lush plants too!


This is the most customizable department. We have hundreds of single stem silk flowers in all different colour! Make it yourself or choose one of our designs. 


Start with with UV infused outdoor cedar and boxwood trees. Then make your way over to a pop of colour made by our outdoor silk flowers!

Art & Wall Hanging

Find the most incredible large scale stretch canvas pieces here! Use metal wall hangings, a clock or a piece of art to fill up that empty wall.


Walk along the walls of our shop. We have shelves on shelves of gorgeous vases, accessories and home decor items. You’ll Have to see it to believe it!

Christmas & Holidays

We love almost all of the seasons, however we prepare for Christmas all year! Make sure to choose Silk Plant Warehouse for your Christmas decor shopping this year.


Why Silk plant warehouse?

Every person walking in to our store has a unique style, they search for items that speak for their space. Which is why we have created one of the most customizable silk plant stores in all of Canada. Why settle for awful fake plants or even try to keep the real ones alive when you can create choose a gorgeous piece or make your own designs with high-end pieces that will fool everyone into thinking you have a master green thumb.

Green all Year

Find yourself with gorgeous, lush, green plants all year. Artificial plants don't need to be water or tended. Save your time and energy with a simply beautiful solution

Maintenance Free

Find more free time by switching to Silk Plant Warehouse artificial.
Life-like artificial greenery and floral perfect for any home or business.