Frequently Asked Questions

Online Orders

Silk Plant Warehouse and Silk Plant Warehouse Online are separate entities and not all products sold online are available in-store. You may notice a difference in pricing between Silk Plant Warehouse Calgary, Silk Plant Warehouse Edmonton, and Silk Plant Warehouse Online. This is to account for shipping and handling fees, and allows us to provide a free shipping option to online customers Canada-wide. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. If you are local to Alberta and would prefer to purchase items in-store, we recommend contacting your nearest Silk Plant Warehouse location to see if your desired product is available for a lower, non-delivered price. 

Our online inventory is shipped from our distribution center to your location of choice. The estimated arrival of your order can vary based on determining factors such as the size of your order and time and date the order was placed. We always strive to fulfill in-store pick up orders as quickly and efficiently as possible. As soon as your order is ready to be picked up in-store, you will receive an email or phone call from one of our Silk Plant Warehouse team members.

Yes. To change your shipping option for an online order, please see Section 2 of our Terms & Conditions

Yes. To cancel an online order once it has been placed, please see Section 4 of our Terms & Conditions

Yes. To return an online order, please see Section 3.b of our Terms & Conditions.

 Due to the infinite number of combinations that can be created with our product line, Silk Plant Warehouse Online does not carry all varieties of individual items that can be found in-store. If you are unable to find a specific item you are in need of, please reach out via email or call your nearest Silk Plant Warehouse location for assistance.

 Custom arrangements are sold in-store only. We start the custom arrangement process by having you first select your product and vessel of choice, and then consult with one of our talented designers about your unique vision for your arrangement. From there, we can provide you with a quote and estimated time of completion. The designer you work with will send you photos of the finalized product for approval, and once it is approved you will have a spectacular one-of-a-kind piece!

Product Care

Silk Plant Warehouse Cleaner! 

Our cleaner comes in an easy-to-use spray can that will clean and restore your plants, trees, and floral within minutes. A light spray is all your product needs to loosen any dust that has gathered. The cleaning solution within the spray absorbs the dirt and dissipates. No wiping necessary! We recommend you spray at a safe distance, and in a ventilated room. 

Shop our Silk Plant Cleaner HERE and in stores!

Spray your Silk Plant Warehouse outdoor artificial plants lightly with a low pressure hose. We don’t recommend using a pressure washer on your outdoor plants. 

The life span of our outdoor artificial product line is dictated by the area you live, weather conditions, sun exposure. All results vary. However, our outdoor plants & trees are UV infused and made with Virgin Vinyl to prevent fading and discolouration. These products can last up to 4-7 years according to customer feedback.

Outdoor artificial plants are made with UV-infused, Virgin Vinyl. This makes the outdoor plants much more durable in the winter and weather conditions. This also prevents outdoor product from fading when exposed to direct sunlight. Our indoor products do not have the same UV-infused durability, and if indoor products are displayed outdoors, it will shorten the shelf life of you plant or tree, as well as result in discolouration and fading. 

Indoor plants can fade and discolour when exposed to natural sunlight, and moisture can create water stains on the leaves. For these reasons we do not recommend placing indoor products outside.

Custom Arrangements

No, custom arrangements can only be purchased in-store. This is due to having on-site designers available to help customers create the arrangement of their dreams.

Not all in-store items are represented online.

Custom arrangements are sold in-store only. You start by choosing your product, your vessel of choice, and then you consult with a designer about your vision. Our designer will send you photos of the finalized product for approval, and once it is approved you will have a spectacular one-of-a-kind piece!

All custom-made arrangements are final sale.

Prices of our custom arrangements will vary depending on your product selection, style & timeline. We do our best to work within set budgets.

Please phone or visit our retail locations for more information. 

Absolutely! Bring your vase into one of our retail locations and we will bring your vision to life!