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What we do..

We offer design consultations for anyone looking to use faux plants from Silk Plant Warehouse to decorate their house, office, patio or garden. The possibilities are endless for any space.

Whether you are just looking for specific colours or faux floral. The designers can help with anything from bouquets to centrepieces.  We also offer after wedding re-designs, this is for couples who may like to use their faux floral from their wedding to be made into a decorative home piece to remind them of their special day.

Whether your outdoor patio for your restaurant needs some sprucing up, or the interior needs some lively green additions, our commercial design team can help with any type of finishing touch project.

Hassle-Free artificial decor can leave your team free to do other things. Make a public space cozy with greenery that is long-lasting and vibrant all year.

An artificial plant is the perfect home warming gift. Or gift a gorgeous faux floral arrangement to a special loved one. 

Beautiful & Long Lasting

Enjoy your arrangements longer, faux flowers and plants can be arranged time and time again for updated looks.

up-to-date trends

Constant new designs and new stock ensure there is always something new for seeking decorators.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Make sure the decor works in your space. Enjoy our very flexible return policy that allows you to find the perfect decor.

Custom Creations

Find talented in-store designers to help you create a custom piece. This can make a spectacular gift.


Faux plants and trees can easily be dusted fron time to time. No watering, no pruning, and no pesky bugs

Next Level Decor

Your green thumb, climate and sunlight will never again prevent you from having a luxurious arrangement.


home decor

We work closely with every client to ensure their design is perfectly suited to their space. Browse some of our recent images of inside the Silk Plant Warehouse below.

successful projects & satisfied customers.


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