Does your home feel empty and bare when you take down your holiday decor? We all got an entire month (maybe more) of Christmas trees, garland and the cutest snowmen we have ever seen. But when all that holiday cheer comes down your home can feel like something is missing.

Here are 4 ideas you can find at Silk Plant Warehouse to fill in your empty spaces after the holidays!

1. Artificial Trees

Faux trees can be a perfect replacement for your wondrous Christmas tree after the holidays. Adding a tall tree in that empty spot can create a sense of life, nature and comfort. From designer styles to common plants you can find a tree that will fit perfectly in your space.

2. Artificial Plants

Small plants can help fill in empty spaces in corners, in hallways or anywhere else you can see that could use a homey touch. Plants can be sleek, simple and permanently pruned for that modern home feel. They can also be bushy and mimic the common houseplants we all know and love.

3. Wall Art

All types of wall hanging can enhance the feeling of a room. Instead of sporting a big bare wall, you can find pieces that will add textures and layers to your space. Choose an acrylic painting with key colours and elements that tie your room together. You may already have plenty of art displayed in your room, and another piece would clutter the walls. In this case, metal wall decor may suit your room better. Using this technique will keep your walls decluttered and complimentary to one another.

4. Floor Vase

Keep an eye out for floor vases! We have a constantly evolving inventory because of their unique beauty. We have tons of styles, colours and sizes available for all types of rooms. These vases are beautiful on their own or with a matching set in another part of the room. If you notice the floor vase could use a little more height or wow factor you can add decorative sticks or add a custom arrangement to it.

“Luxury is in each detail”

-Hubert de Givenchy