Find out here how shop for your very own Silk Plant Warehouse tree to create the most beautiful holiday yet. Using four key elements we will cover the questions we know that you should know before searching for the perfect tree.  Starting with tree size and what size of tree will work in your space. Glancing over your power availability and how to handle it. Which type of tree will suit your personal decorating style. Finishing on room lighting and how your tree can actually affect the overall lighting feeling in your space. 

Tree Size

When choosing a tree consider the space of the room it will be placed.  If you have a lot of space you may want a fairly large based tree. While in small space you would have limited room before becoming overwhelming, try a tree with a smaller base diameter.  

Keep in mind if your tree is taller the base diameter will also be wider. While larger rooms might accommodate the height of a taller tree, the tree diameter at the base can overwhelm the room.

Available Power

When using an LED lighting system on the tree, the power requirement for a standard 7.5’ or 9’ tree can be between 4 amperes and 10 amperes. Be sure you are aware of your power outlets amperes

Decorating Style

If your tree is decorated with a lot of branches, floral or garland a full tree will be a good choice. If you decorate your tree with medium or large items (eg, Birdcage or large ornaments) a tree with larger spaces will provide you space to properly hang your ornaments. If you use large ornaments, then a tree with large spaces to accommodate your large decorations.

Room Lighting

If the tree is going to be put in a room with a lot of sunlight, a frosted or light green tree, rather than flocked or dark green, might be a better choice. A flocked tree may discolor in bright direct sunlight.