Whether you are staging to sell or just want your kitchen to look beautiful, there are a few tips to make your space look clean and inviting.



                    start by cleaning your kitchen. Doing a deep clean will help you decide what you actually want to keep, and what is not needed. Put items that are rarely used in a box to decide what to do with it later. 

Note: Strive for simple, this makes for a clutter-free, relaxing environment every time you enter.

      Keeping your space less cluttered will give a clean welcoming feel. Minimize your small appliances on your countertop to 2.  We suggest keeping the items you use daily in your countertop for easy accessibility.


                               extra pieces of furniture such as shelving, hutches and trolleys. This will close in the space and tend to collect extra items and dust. If you are not able to remove the extra furniture minimize the items you have displayed on the shelf.

Place a centrepiece on the kitchen table made using a beautiful floral arrangement, a bowl of fresh fruit, or a collection of three decorative items. 


                              your light bulbs and let as much natural light in as possible by Removing any heavy dark drapes or old blinds and replace with fresh colour curtains or updated sheers. A lighter colour of curtain will brighten your space making it feel clean and even larger.

New hardware on your cabinets can change the look to a more updated look. It can make a huge difference for an reasonably small cost.


                     the walls well. But for a huge impact, A fresh coat of paint can really change the look of the space. And remember lighter paint colours gives the illusion of a larger space. It also gives the feeling of clean.