Malcolm Hotel Process

         It all started with a magical, snow-capped hotel in Canmore. Winter is here and its time to change the decor to a more proper feel. The director of design at The Malcolm Hotel started to brainstorm ideas on the type of holiday decor needed. With such a gorgeous hotel, matching the holiday decor seemed challenging. Upon arriving at the Silk Plant Warehouse, the holiday beauty was radiating from every corner. Walking around something caught her eye.

      A Silk Plant Warehouse designer approached her to ask about her needs. She points to the tree and tells him that she wants that one, decorations and all. She found an artificial Christmas tree in the store that was a perfect match for the lobby at the Malcolm Hotel. The decorations perfectly match the style she was imagining. The original decision was made to go with a 9.5ft artificial tree for the main lobby tree. After some consideration of the hotel experience, a towering 12ft tree was the winner. 

    She began to browse ornaments and added what her heart desired. She went with some of our most popular gold and black ornaments and a few fury white poinsettias. It all was going to come together.

    She then started thinking about the other decorations. How will she tie it all together? Easy! Adding a delightful wreath with some of the same ornaments would go excellently above the fireplace. Now, what about the entrance? While browsing the store for more ideas, a Silk Plant Warehouse designer was able to help her put together a custom built grass kit for the hotel! Using birch poles and cedar inserts the artificial grass kits were a success. Now the last step is to install all of the picked decorations.

    We gathered the ornaments, ribbon, grass kits and the tree. Stuffed into a van with our legendary designer, Jorge, and with a small team drove out to Canmore. The team arrived in the town encased by snowy mountains. This mountain town almost feels like you have just driven to the North Pole. We love the greenery wrapped around the lamp posts and Christmas lights on every building. This place holds a true essence of the holidays.

    So it begins… The team unpacked, started to disperse the product to the correct locations and with a little direction they were off! Grass kits were displayed nicely outside the hotel doors. Now for the fun part! Covered in sparkles the tree was beginning to come together. The wreath was prepared and placed above the fireplace mantel. After a long day, the designers were complete. They had a gorgeously designed tree that stood twelve feet tall in front of them. “One more thing!” Jorge said. He walks to the tree and turns on the lights.  

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We are so pleased to have the opportunity to help with the Christmas decorations at the Malcolm Hotel in Canmore, AB.