What is Silk Plant Warehouse?

         Silk Plant Warehouse is a incredible retail experience open to designers and the public. Constantly stocked full of like-like artificial plants, floral, trees and decor. Since 1993, Silk Plant Warehouse has grown from a small strip mall sized showroom into the +12 000 sqft incredible showroom it is today. It has expanded to carry more than just fake plants, but has blossomed into a one-stop design shop. Acrylic canvas stretch art, and wall hangings were introduced to help the lack of affordable large scale pieces in the city. 

Our Mission

           We are surrounded by beauty. Beauty in human appearances, in mother earth and our individual lives. Silk Plant Warehouse was founded based on a vision to ensure the beauty is never lost. Using high-end material to mimic the natural beauty of flowers, plants and trees. With the technology of the world today our products have been specifically designed to be the most vibrant, long lasting, perfect artificial flowers and plants in the market. Our mission is to have one of the most extensive decor stores when it comes to the art or artificial beauty. 


“Luxury is in each detail”

-Hubert de Givenchy